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Anupamaa Latest News: Shruti Parts Ways With Anuj Kapadia, Aadhya Weeps Heartbroken, Supporters Become Touched

<p>Anupamaa Update: The well-liked Hindi daily soap opera Anupamaa has moved viewers to tears once again. Anuj Kapadia’s (Gaurav Khanna) fiancée Shurti has decided to break things up with Anuj in the most recent episode of Anupmaa. Prior to this, Shruti (Sukriti Kandpal) was aware of the formula relating Anuj and Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly). Shurti quickly realized, however, that even though Anuj had been apart from Anupamaa for years, he had always given Anupamaa priority after seeing the picture of the two of them together. Follow along by reading.</p>
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<p>Aadhya Loses It All When Shurti Goes From Anuj Kapadia<br />
Shurti bids Anuj and Adhya farewell after gazing at the photos of Anupmaa and Anuj together. Aadhya makes every effort to stop Shruti from leaving, but she won’t remain or hear her pleas. Conversely, Kinjal meets Anupamaa and tells her that Anuj has offered Toshu a position at the firm. However, Anupmaa requested that she refrain from involving herself in the matter.</p>
<p>Fans Become Tearful When Shruti Partways With Anuj Kapadia<br />
Social media users went insane as soon as they learned that Shruti was leaving Anuj Kapadia’s home, even though Shruti was the one suffering between Anupmaa and Anuj Kapadia’s unacknowledged love.</p>
<p>A user on X said, “She was unable to leave, but as soon as she saw Anu’s photo, she was unable to stop herself because #Anupamaa was always there to support them.” #SukritiKandpal, you were amazing. Hurt is real. How exquisitely you conveyed this situation, #ShrutiAhuja #Anupamaa (sic), without using many words.</p>
<p>In response, the second user said, “No, Anupama was never in between. It wasn’t until Shruti seen MaAn’s influence upon EO in person that she realized its full extent. In her purported relationship with Anuj/Aadhya, she acknowledged that she was never alone, so why would she rip up a picture?</p>
<p>The third response said, “Amazing, right? Shru became more likeable and sensitive with her nuanced acting. Will be sorry to lose her.</p>
<p>“Y for clearing this Aadhya that you desire “meri akeli ki maa,” said another Twitter user on X. A woman with four children cannot be a single mother. It was never about adoptive versus bio. Anu’s expectations seem too good to be true. Aadhya informed Shruti beforehand that she didn’t want a sibling.</p>
<p>How do you feel about Shurt giving up her love for Anuj Kapadia? Do you believe Shruti made the correct decision? For the most recent information about the well-liked Hindi daily soap opera Anupamaa, keep an eye on this place!</p>