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Bigg Boss 17 Mitali, the sister of Mannara Chopra, yells at Ankita Lokhande for taking clothes out of her closet, saying, “I sent for Mannara

<p>Throughout the Bigg Boss 17 house media trial, Ankita Lokhande leveled a number of charges against Mannara Chopra. She said Mannara taunted her by talking to Vicky Jain or becoming friends with her. Mannara was visibly uncomfortable as a result of Ankita’s accusations, and this was evident in the most recent episode when she broke down in tears. Notably, Ankita and Mannara’s friendship has deteriorated over time, and their contentious encounter was highlighted during a recent press conference held inside the Bigg Boss house. The Pavitra Rishta actress faced backlash for her treatment of Mannara, especially from Mitali Handa, who posted her displeasure on Instagram and called Ankita callous.</p>
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<p>According to Mitali Handa, Mannara’s sister, Ankita insulted her and wore her clothing during the media round. She shared a picture of Ankita from the press briefing and said that Mitali had given Mannara some borrowed clothing. In spite of this, Ankita continued the part by criticizing and berating Mannara. She stated, “My sister, who is kind-hearted, gave Ankita the clothes she borrowed from me for Mannara so that she would look good for the media interview where Ankita speaks only negatively about Mannara.” Bravo! To the insensitive relative of Ankita.”</p>
<p>ICYDK, Salman Khan and Mitali Handa shared the stage when the latter accused Ankita of referring to Mannara as her stepdaughter. She said that she saw a video of Ankita, Vicky, Ayesha, and Isha making jokes and dramatizing Mannara’s family during a live stream. Ankita was purportedly referring to Mannara as her stepdaughter in the video. Later, this video became very popular on social media. But, Ayesha Khan posted a video after leaving the home to make it clear that Ankita did not say so in connection to Mannara being her stepdaughter. They weren’t making fun of any of the contestants; they were simply kidding around.</p>
<p>Following Vicky Jain’s unannounced departure from the Bigg Boss 17 house, Khabri tweeted about the voting patterns of Salman Khan’s hosted program. As to the tweet, Munawar Faruqui, Abhishek Kumar, and Mannara Chopra are the top three contestants on Big Brother 17.</p>