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Christian Horner was questioned for eight hours at the hearing, however he was not asked to step down: Source

<p>Christian Horner, the head of Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing, was questioned for several hours in London by a private attorney after rumors that a female employee of the racing team’s parent business had filed a complaint, accusing the British driver of “inappropriate behavior.”</p>
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<p>The Sun said that Horner was questioned for eight hours on Friday over accusations related to “controlling behavior.”</p>
<p>“Christian has been in there for many hours, having his conversation. We hope this can be resolved quickly, but it may not be possible,” the magazine cited an unidentified person as saying.</p>
<p>The source said that while Horner is still the team principal and has not been asked to step down, the process may take some time.</p>
<p>This is not a trial, and at the end of the day, we won’t have a response or a conclusion. This is not something that can be fixed very soon. However, Christian has not been fired or asked to leave, and he has no intention of leaving. The insider said, “We are conducting an investigation, and we have to respect its integrity, which include letting it finish.</p>
<p>The first practice session for the 2024 Formula One season is set on February 29 for the Bahrain Grand Prix, which will take place early in March.</p>
<p>The story goes on to say that after Friday’s hearing in London, it is doubtful that Horner’s future with Red Bull Racing will be decided.</p>
<p>“Although many are hoping that this would be finished before the Formula One season begins, that is just not going to occur. We need to complete the inquiry carefully, therefore it will take longer than that, a source told The Sun.</p>
<p>Since Red Bull Racing’s 2005 Formula 1 debut, Horner has served as the team principal. He has watched the team win six constructor titles and seven world driver championships.</p>

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