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Fans Declare It The Greatest Valentine’s Day Gift: BTS V, aka Kim Taehyung, Breaks the Internet With Their Latest Photoshoot for Celine

<p>BTS member V, also known as Kim Taehyung, is not in the spotlight at the moment while he serves in the military. The artist succeeds in gaining attention and becoming popular on social media despite his hiatus from the entertainment industry. Thanks to his newly published picture session for a well-known magazine and luxury brand Celine, V has suddenly captured people’s attention. For those who don’t know, V is Celine’s worldwide brand ambassador and has participated in a number of brand-related events.</p>
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<p>V’s picture session has been dubbed the ideal Valentine’s Day present by fans. The photoshoot for V’s amazing imagery and inventiveness has received accolades from the BTS ARMY.</p>
<p>Regarding work, V collaborated with IU on the latter’s song video, “Love Wins All.” V explained his decision to participate in the music video, saying, “I didn’t have much time since I was getting ready for my solo album. I couldn’t shoot the drama or film that I had promised the Army. It was unfortunate, and I felt disappointed that I couldn’t do what the Army would have wanted to see. Before I go (for the military), I’m attempting to leave as much as possible. Thus, I believe they’ll have something entertaining to watch while they wait.”</p>
<p>LGBTQIA people voiced their worries over the song’s usage of the phrase “Love Wins,” which led to criticism of the song’s title from sexual minorities earlier. ‘Love Wins’ is a pride parade motto, according to some internet users, and the song may lessen the significance of the word by depicting heterosexual partnerships.</p>
<p>Netizens Reports states that V just rose to the position of second-richest Kpop star. Reports state that he has an estimated net worth of $40 million USD.</p>
<p>Before departing for his military duty, the musician sent a poignant statement to his fans, expressing his love and devotion for them. “I think I’m going to miss you so much,” he posted on Weverse. It really is a pity, to be honest, that I won’t be able to relive any more joyful moments with ARMYs for a while. It would be bearable if it weren’t for that one incident, but missing out on seeing ARMYs is the toughest part. I will become incredibly well for a long time—18 months—and then I will return, so ARMYs, please take care of your health as well. And if you discover something to be grateful for every day, I’ll show up again with a “tada! I’m here” appearance. Additionally, I have a number of things planned for that 18 months, so please be excited about it.”</p>
<p>In 2025, Kim Taehyung will return from his military service and reconnect with the other members of BTS.</p>