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Farmers Oppose: Centre Offers Fifth Round of Talks, Tear Gas Used at the Punjab-Haryana Border | What We Know Thus Far

<p><strong>New Delhi:</strong> The Farmers’ Delhi Chalo March has resumed after a short break, and they are unwavering in their demand that legislation guaranteeing MSP for crops be passed.</p>
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<p>The two parties have been able to reach an agreement despite meeting with the Central government since their key demand has not been met. Security has been increased at the borders of Punjab, Delhi, and Haryana as the Farmers Protest begins today. In addition, the state of Haryana has extended its internet ban and traffic warnings have been issued. A fifth session of negotiations with the farmers has been proposed by the Centre, while tear gas has been directed against farmers at the Punjab-Haryana border.</p>
<p>Center Offers Farmers A Fifth Round Of Discussions<br />
On their Delhi Chalo March, about 14,000 farmers are making their way towards the capital to call for the passage of legislation establishing the maximum possible price (MSP) for crops. Arjun Munda has proposed a fifth session of negotiations with the farmers on behalf of the Center as the protest becomes more intense. “We are ready to talk with farmers and discuss issues like MSP, stubble, FIR, and crop diversification in the fifth round of meetings,” said the Union Minister. I beg them to maintain the status quo and let’s have a conversation to find a solution.</p>
<p>Center’s Request To Farmers Who Are Protesting<br />
As previously reported, Arjun Munda has said that the Central government is prepared for a fifth round of negotiations with farmers, during which the government would address topics such as crop diversification, FIR, MSP, and stubble. Arjun Munda has further appealed to the farmers, saying, “No information has come yet (from the farmers’ side).” We kindly request that we proceed with the negotiations and express our position. The administration is also eager to go and resolve the issue.</p>
<p>Severe measures have been taken against the farmers as they advance toward New Delhi as part of their protest, including the deployment of tear gas at the Punjab-Haryana border to prevent them from reaching the nation’s capital.</p>