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FIH Pro League: Women lose to China after letting a one-goal lead slip once again

<p>The Indian women’s hockey team fell 1-2 against China Thursday, extending their dismal FIH Pro League campaign.</p>
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<p>Sangita Kumari’s field goal in the seventh minute gave India the lead. Sangita finished off a cross from left-winger Vandana Katariya.</p>
<p>However, a minute into the first quarter, Gu Bingfeng’s drag flick gave China an equalizer. Bingfeng sent the ball flying past goalkeeper Savita Punia’s pads, captain of India.</p>
<p>There was no goal scored in the next two quarters. Both sides had many opportunities to take the lead, but China scored their second goal in the 53rd minute after winning a penalty kick. With their noses in front of them, Bingfeng took the penalty stroke and made no mistakes.</p>
<p>In the 55th minute, India was given two consecutive penalty corners, but the Chinese defense successfully stopped the ball each times.</p>
<p>India was awarded five penalty corners throughout the game, compared to China’s four, however they were unable to convert any of them.</p>
<p>In their last encounter in Bhubaneswar, India had fallen to China by a same score. Prior to defeating the USA 3-1, India had previously suffered defeats against the Netherlands (1-3) and Australia (0-3).</p>
<p>India’s next game is here on Wednesday against the Netherlands. The Netherlands destroyed the USA 4-0 earlier today.</p>