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HanuMan, starring Teja Sajja, Has an OTT Release Date: Reports

<p>When we think of superhero movies, we immediately picture opulent settings, amazing visual effects, and large-scale production values. produced on a pitiful Rs 40 crore budget. Despite having few of them, Teja Sajja’s HanuMan became a movie office success, grossing about Rs 330 crore.</p>
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<p>HanuMan is a superhero film with a lot of substance, a realistic style, and a dash of mythology, all of which help to make it very approachable to viewers. Since its January 12 release, the film has enjoyed a phenomenal run at the box office. You shouldn’t worry if you missed the film in cinemas since it will soon be available on streaming services. According to sources, HanuMan will begin streaming on Zee5 on March 2.</p>
<p>Science fiction, fantasy, and mythology are all combined in HanuMan. Teja Sajja plays Hanumanthu, a small-time robber from the hamlet of Anjanadari who finds a totem that gives him exceptional abilities and sets out to rescue both his home and the whole world. Hanumanthu is the main character of the film. Director Prashanth Varma claims that he was inspired to create the film by the legendary figures he encountered in his historical studies classes since he was an avid student of their stories.</p>
<p>The film will get a more thorough assessment now that Zee5 will be streaming it starting on March 2. The audience on over-the-top platforms is a whole other animal. OTT movie enthusiasts may find a few films that wowed theatergoers unappealing, as is often the case. In the second half, HanuMan has a few problems that could be more apparent while watching on OTT. Similar things occurred to the Kannada movie Kantara, which was well received in theaters but had a lot of issues that were exacerbated when it was made available for streaming on over-the-top services. How well HanuMan is accepted by the OTT audience is yet to be seen.</p>