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Here’s why Meta CTO finds using Apple’s newest product “extremely uncomfortable.”

<p>The CTO of Meta has made a few more punches, after CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s “review” of Apple Vision Pro a few days ago. In a brief Instagram Q&A, Meta’s CTO, Andrew Bosworth, shared his opinions on Apple Vision Pro. According to Bosworth, who unsurprisingly agreed with Zuckerberg, the Meta Quest 3 was “the best value” headgear on the market.</p>
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<p>He reported having used the Vision Pro. “I can see the trade-offs they made and their rationale as soon as I put on the headset.” And, in terms of definition, they aren’t the compromises I would have made,” he said in reference to Apple’s “spatial computing” gadget.</p>
<p>Bosworth said that he had a really difficult time using Vision Pro. It’s much too much weight, in my opinion. And it’s not spread well,” he said. The selection of materials, he said, was incorrect, citing Apple’s design language. “The metal and the glass are elements of their design language,” he said. However, when they are applied to your face, metal and glass are not high-end materials. They feel good in your hands and respond well to touch. However, lightness is the best material to wear on your face.</p>
<p>Bosworth was also unimpressed with the motion blur on the Vision Pro’s screen. He said that the motion blur was really disturbing while you were gazing about you. “I think I glance around a lot. The Meta CTO said, “I don’t know, maybe that’s the issue.</p>
<p>Bosworth acknowledged that the Vision Pro had some “tremendously great things,” so it’s not like he wasn’t impressed. To begin with, viewing movies and other material was an excellent experience because to the Vision Pro’s minimal latency and very high quality screen in Bosworth.<br />
But he said that the Quest 3 headgear offered superior value. He remarked, “Save yourself $3,000,” and then, “Am I being really fair? I’m not sure. Not that I’m trying to be fair. I’m telling you the truth.</p>