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How India’s New Kid on the Block Turned Mother’s Gold Chains Into Gold Dhruv Jurel

<p>Dhruv in Rajkot Jurel will never forget his Test debut. Jurel’s 46 from 104 balls against the likes of James Anderon, Mark Wood, Tom Hartley, and others demonstrated that the Uttar Pradesh wicketkeeper is here to stay, even if he missed out on a well-deserved first Test fifty.</p>
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<p>More significantly, India gained Jurel as a keeper option and another middle-order player. After Ravindra Jadeja fell, Jurel entered the field and teamed up with veteran Ravichandran Ashwin. Together, they defeated the Englishmen with a 77-run partnership off 175 balls. On Day 2, however, he was fired while attempting to slash Rehan Ahmed.</p>
<p>Prior to his summons to India, the 22-year-old, who celebrated his birthday last month, was in respectable form. Before scoring a few fifty runs for India A in matches against South Africa A and the England Lions, he was among the runs for Uttar Pradesh in the Vijay Hazare Trophy.</p>
<p>Nevertheless, in contrast to many of his contemporaries, his path wasn’t easy. Jurel’s cricket career began at the renowned Phool Chand academy in Noida. Dhruv’s father Nem Singh Jurel, who was born into an Army family, always desired that his son follow in his footsteps and become a government employee rather than play cricket. Dhruv, however, was adamant about succeeding in cricket.</p>
<p>The Mother’s Offering<br />
At the age of 14, the young man really made threats to flee when his father forbade him from purchasing a cricket bat. Dhruv’s mother rushed to his aid, selling off her gold necklace to help pay for his cricket expenses, unable to bear to see his son’s aspirations go.</p>
<p>After that, Dhruv’s luck began to turn as he was a reliable run scorer in Agra’s age-level cricket league. However, there weren’t many opportunities. Once again, his mother saved the day. She made the decision to move to Noida with Dhruv in quest of better prospects and to stop often commuting between Agra and Noida.</p>
<p>His mother’s selfless acts paid off. At the U-19 World Cup in the West Indies, when the Boys in Blue fell to Bangladesh in the championship match, he served as vice captain of the Indian squad. Following his selection by the Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League last year, money was still flowing into the Jurel family.</p>
<p>Even though he only had 13 games to bat, he was praised by the greatest in Indian cricket for his 32 off 15 balls performance against Punjab Kings as a “Impact Player.” Nem Singh was compelled to change his opinion on Dhruv’s career after seeing his son’s success and attended an IPL game in Jaipur. “They travelled to Jaipur to see an IPL match. “Tere sone ki chain wasool ho gayi aaj” (Your gold chain has been returned),” Dhruv recalls turning to face his mother, as reported by Hindustan Times.</p>