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How to Disable WhatsApp’s Reading Receipts feature

<p>With WhatsApp, billions of people throughout the globe may utilize instant messaging to remain in touch with their loved ones. The read receipts feature—also referred to as the Blue Ticks feature—is one of the several built-in functions.</p>
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<p>By enabling these settings, senders may make sure that critical communications are recognized by receiving notifications when receivers have viewed their messages. The read receipts function is useful in many situations, but it also poses legitimate privacy issues. Because the sender can see their actions, users could feel under pressure to reply to messages they’ve read right away.</p>
<p>Thankfully, WhatsApp provides an option for users to turn off read receipts. People may continue to read messages without giving up their whereabouts to the sender by doing this. Nevertheless, group chats and voice messages are still able to display read receipts, thus this is limited to normal messages. There isn’t yet a way to turn these features off.</p>
<p>Here’s how to disable WhatsApp’s read receipts and last-seen information step-by-step:</p>
<p><strong>READ RECEIPTS DISABLING: ANDROID</strong><br />
<strong>Step 1:</strong> To access the menu, open WhatsApp and press the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen.</p>
<p><strong>Step 2:</strong> Choose Settings from the menu that drops down.</p>
<p><strong>Step 3:</strong> Click the Privacy option under Settings.</p>
<p><strong>Step 4:</strong> You may now choose the “Read Receipts” option under the Privacy section.</p>
<p><strong>Step 5:</strong> After flipping the switch to turn it off, you’re finished.</p>
<p><strong>IPHONE DISABLING READ RECEIPTS</strong><br />
<strong>Step 1:</strong> Select the Settings icon from the bottom-right corner of the screen when you launch WhatsApp.</p>
<p><strong>Step 2:</strong> Go to the Settings menu and choose Privacy.</p>
<p><strong>Step 3:</strong> Toggle the Read Receipts option off by touching it.</p>
<p>You keep people from knowing if you’ve seen their communications by doing this. Important to remember is that by doing this, you will also be unable to know if anybody else has seen your messages.</p>
<p><strong>WAYS TO TURN OFF LAST SEEN</strong><br />
<strong>Step 1:</strong> Proceed as in the previous stages to launch WhatsApp and hit the three-dot menu symbol to choose Settings.</p>
<p><strong>Step 2:</strong> Go to the Settings menu and choose Privacy.</p>
<p><strong>Step 3:</strong> Click on “Last Seen and Online” under Privacy.</p>
<p><strong>Step 4:</strong> Choose “Nobody” from the list of alternatives.</p>
<p>This adds another level of anonymity by keeping others from knowing when you were last online. On the other hand, if you have turned off this function, you won’t be able to see the last-seen timestamps of other users.</p>