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I got a call from Sunny Deol saying, “Do a film with me.” The Sriram Raghavan

<p>In recent years, a number of performers have mentioned Sriram Raghavan as a filmmaker they would want to collaborate with. The filmmaker gained notoriety for his suspenseful films, including Badlapur, Andhadhun, and Merry Christmas, which he most recently directed. He has now disclosed the identity of another well-known Bollywood actor who hopes to work with him in the future.</p>
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<p><strong>How Sriram Raghavan does things</strong><br />
When asked whether he had a particular actor in mind when he wrote a character, Sriram recently spoke with Indian Express. The filmmaker said that he hasn’t always found success with this kind of technique. He even mentioned Sunny Deol offhand. “I have never been able to write a strong enough story when I have tried to write with an actor in mind. I thus begin writing immediately and, halfway through, consider the cast. Many years ago, Sunny Deol had phoned to urge, “do a film with me,” after her viewing of my 1991 docu-drama Raman Raghav, A City, A Killer. That was the height of his professional life. I continued writing, but I also rejected the ideas. I’d want to work with him on a movie. Others are on my list as well,” he said.</p>
<p><strong>Does money not matter?</strong><br />
Happy Christmas, Vijay Sethupathi and Katrina Kaif. It’s a murder mystery that takes place in Mumbai on Christmas Eve. Despite receiving excellent reviews, the movie wasn’t a big hit at the box office. In its first week of release in theaters, it brought in ₹14.7 crore. Speaking about money, Sriram said, “The number is what validates the star value for them (actors).” I’m not under that much pressure. I am not going to start my next picture with the mindset that I have to accomplish more than X since Andhadhun completed X business. Even with a grand spectacular, the collection may not be outstanding. One would think that having a huge star would lead to a favorable opening. However, these days, information gets around within the first few days.</p>
<p>“There’s a fantastic quote from Quentin Tarantino about numbers that I will never forget. According to him, the first weekend of release is the least significant period in the movie’s existence overall. Making a movie takes more than a year. Thus, for Quentin and me, the first three days of the weekend are not the most crucial ones (laughs). but it is for many,” he said.</p>
<p>The last time we saw Sunny Deol was in one of the greatest movies of the previous year, Gadar 2, which did phenomenal business.</p>