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I haven’t spoken with any members of the Indian team since being removed from the test squad: Hanuma Vihari

<p>Out-of-style India batsman Hanuma Vihari said that his main goal is to score runs in the Ranji Trophy, although he was disappointed with the Test team’s decision. Since his previous appearance for India in a postponed Test match at Edgbaston against England in 2022, Vihari has been left off the team.</p>
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<p>With an average of 33.56, Vihari has amassed 839 runs in 16 Test matches for India. He did not, however, consistently get opportunities to play for India. In addition, he was removed off the BCCI’s central contract list of players that were released the previous year.</p>
<p>In order to concentrate on his batting, the Andhra hitter recently gave up the leadership of his home side in the Ranji Trophy.</p>
<p>“Although everyone experiences ups and downs, I am sad and disappointed that I am not in the Test team. My current goal is to score runs in the Ranji Trophy.” For the squad as well as for myself, the season has gone well. Vihari said to ESPNcricinfo after Andhra’s victory against Bihar, “The goal is to score a lot of runs and try to get back into the Test team.”</p>
<p>The 30-year-old said that since he was benched, he hasn’t spoken to anybody on Team India.</p>
<p>“After my last test, Rahul Dravid spoke with me and gave me feedback on areas where I can improve. Other than that, I haven’t been in contact with anyone since,” Vihari said.</p>
<p>The veteran player from home said that his primary goal is to become better and support his team in winning.</p>
<p>But all I can concentrate about is becoming better at my game and having fun. There won’t be any purpose left if I don’t accomplish it. I simply want to give it my all for the team and score runs when I get into the middle,” he said.</p>
<p>In the meanwhile, he said he had no expectations, even though he hasn’t been in the Test setup for over 18 months.</p>
<p>Right now in my career, I don’t have any expectations. Every time I bat, I give it my all, and whatever occurs will happen,” Vihari said.</p>