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India’s batting coach Vikram Rathour felt that Jasprit Bumrah should take a break given the IPL and other factors

<p>In the run-up to the fourth Test between India and England in Ranchi, there has been talk over the decision to rest Jasprit Bumrah. The team’s decision to bench India’s best bowler, Bumrah, was explained by batting coach Vikram Rathour, who claimed that Bumrah had no fitness issues. Rather, the group believed that it would not be wise to use him all the time.</p>
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<p>To be honest, I believe that every Test match is important. Every game matters when it comes to WTC points. Prior to the fourth Test, Rathour said at the pre-match news conference, “Even we would love Bumrah to play every game.”</p>
<p>But given the amount of work he has had in the previous three games, it is regrettably not very advised. Rathour said, “He has bowled well and with a lot of heart, a lot of effort.”</p>
<p>With 80.5 overs bowled in the three Test matches, Bumrah has taken the most wickets in the series with 17 at an average of 13.64.</p>
<p>Everyone involved decided that he should take a vacation given the sort of schedule we have coming up, with the IPL and everything. Physically, he is fine otherwise. However, there wasn’t much time between games, therefore it was thought that he should have a rest,” the former Indian opener said.</p>
<p>There are rumors that India would only use one pacer in the Ranchi Test because to Bumrah’s rest, and the ground may be more favorable to spinners. However, Rathour thought the wicket was like any other Indian track.</p>
<p>“The pitch is always a question mark when we play in India. On match eve, Rathour informed reporters, “It’s a typical Indian wicket, there are cracks, this wicket always had cracks.”</p>
<p>It will turn, but we don’t know how much or when it will turn. But, there is adequate harmony in our team.</p>
<p>However, the England team chose to bring in finger spinner Shoaib Bashir rather than wrist spinner Rehan Ahmed because they thought the Ranchi strip was an intriguing one. Ollie Robinson, who takes Mark Wood’s place for the fourth Test, also plays his first match of the series.</p>