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IPL player Abhishek Sharma is under police surveillance after a model in Surat commits suicide, and a summons has been issued

<p>Prominent Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket player Abhishek Sharma has been served with an investigation summons by Surat police due to his suspected involvement in the death of model Tania Singh, 28. The police have requested an investigation into Abhishek Sharma, who plays for the Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) team, as he was purportedly the last person to speak with Tania.</p>
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<p>According to Assistant Commissioner of Police VR Malhotra, Tania Singh and Abhishek Sharma, the all-round player for Sunrisers Hyderabad, seem to be buddies based on preliminary findings. Investigators discovered that Tania had sent Sharma a message on WhatsApp, to which Sharma had not responded. Tania’s phone number had been banned by Abhishek Sharma, according to an Indian Express story, and he was not returning her messages on social media.</p>
<p>“We have learned thus far that Abhishek Sharma was in friendship with the deceased model,” said ACP VR Malhotra. The probe will provide further information.</p>
<p>In the Vesu neighborhood of Surat, Tania Singh was found hanging from the ceiling of her residence. On Monday morning, Bhanwar Singh, her father, went to wake her up and found her corpse. Authorities are actively putting together information to understand the circumstances surrounding her death, since there was no suicide note discovered at the site.</p>
<p>According to the allegations, Tania and Sharma have a strong connection, as shown by the many online images of the two of them. The authorities are looking into the potential of a love element to the case because of how well-known it is. To piece together the circumstances leading up to Tania’s untimely end, they are carefully going over all of the statements and evidence.</p>
<p>The 28-year-old model and fashion designer, who shared parental housing, has a sizable social media fan base.</p>
<p>Abishek Sharma, an all-round player, began his IPL debut with the Delhi Capitals after being acquired by the team at the auction table for RS. 55 lakh. He was traded to the SRH in 2019, and the Hyderabad-based team paid an incredible Rs. 6.5 crore to reclaim him in the 2022 mega auction. Sharma was also a member of the Prithwi Shaw-led Under-19 World Cup-winning squad that included Shubman Gill.</p>