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On the 12th anniversary of father Pushkarnath’s passing, Anupam Kher writes an emotional post: I learned from him to embrace failure

<p>On the anniversary of his father Pushkarnath Kher’s passing, veteran actor Anupam Kher paid respects to him on Instagram on Saturday. At the age of 84, Pushkarnath Kher departed from this life on February 10, 2012.</p>
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<p>Anupam Kher shared a number of previously unreleased photos that offered a heartwarming peek into his most memorable times spent with his father. He said, “EXTRAORDINARY.” PUSHKAR NATH JI, MR. It’s been twelve years since my father departed from us.But we never go a day without remembering his kindness, humility, selflessness, and good sense of humor. I have never seen someone so unselfish in my life as he is. All he did was share love. I learned to embrace failure from him. Delightful Pushkar Nath Ji! You have always been with us and always will be. His all-time favorite song was this one.”<br />
Regarding work, Anupam just released the much anticipated “Kaagaz 2” trailer. Anupam wrote an homage to his closest buddy Satish and shared a picture of the movie poster. “My favorite #SATISHKAUSHIK! Tomorrow is the release day of the trailer for your passion project, which is regrettably the final project, #Kaagaz2! I am aware of how difficult it was to make this movie. A film that opens in theaters on March 1st, based on actual events and dedicated to the loving memory of Satish Kaushik ji.”<br />
Darshan Kumar and Neena Gupta play important parts in “Kaagaz 2”. The movie is scheduled to open on March 1, 2024.</p>