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Online calls for Jurgen Klopp’s statue after his announcement that he would no longer be coaching Liverpool

<p>Even club veteran Steven Gerrard did not get the unique honor that Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp is expected to receive. It will be Klopp’s last season as manager of Liverpool FC after nine arduous years in England. Following the extensive announcement of his departure, a number of supporters on social media have now demanded that a monument be erected in recognition of the 56-year-old’s accomplishments at the team.</p>
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<p>This is something that Gerrard himself said earlier in 2020, just before the Liverpool coach was about to win the Premier League. He remarked in an interview with The Athletic, “They should already be starting work on a statue of him when Jurgen delivers the league.”</p>
<p>“If there’s one man who deserves a statue outside Anfield, it’s Jurgen Norbert Klopp,” a Liverpool fan page said on X. LFC, make it happen.</p>
<p>“Build him a nice monument immediately! (But hire a decent artist…his face in those photographs seems a little odd”)” was written by someone who seemed to agree.</p>
<p>“There needs to be a fist bump statue,” was one response. Nothing more. not awards. titled “Normal One.” captures everything that he stood for in our eyes.</p>
<p>A fan remarked, “Absolutely needs to happen.”</p>
<p>One of Liverpool’s all-time greats, Gerrard scored 186 goals for the English team in 710 appearances. Even though he won several championships with the team, including the UEFA Champions League, he wasn’t satisfied enough to have a monument erected in his honor. Nonetheless, a few of Liverpool supporters believe that Klopp ought to get this unique award in recognition of his nine-year, trophy-filled tenure at Liverpool. With this unique honor, Klopp would be able to wear bronze outside of Anfield alongside Liverpool greats Bob Paisley and Bill Shankly.</p>
<p>Jurgen Klopp shockingly announced on Liverpool’s social media on January 26 that this will be his last season with The Reds. The obviously distraught instructor said that he was just “running out of energy” and could not do this task any longer.</p>
<p>When the 56-year-old took over as manager of Liverpool in 2015, his job was to bring the team back to its previous level of success. Knowing the profile well, Klopp went above and above what was required of him. The German coach turned his team into a genuine European powerhouse after a few seasons at the team, and in 2018 they qualified for the UEFA Champions League final. They were defeated by Real Madrid in that encounter, but in 2019 they returned to the competition’s championship game and triumphed against Tottenham Hotspur.</p>
<p>The Premier League championship that Liverpool won in 2019–20 ended their 30-year drought, and that was Klopp’s greatest accomplishment at the club. That season, they picked up 99 points and only dropped three games. Along with winning the FIFA Club World Cup and the UEFA Super Cup, Klopp has won the FA Cup, Community Shield, and Carabao Cup with Liverpool. Over his tenure with the club, he managed an astounding 466 games, winning 283 of them.</p>
<p>Now that Klopp is leaving the team, Liverpool will have to start over the next season as they search for a possible successor to take over as manager. Xabi Alonso, the manager of Bayer Leverkusen, is now one of the top candidates for the position, although nothing official has surfaced as of yet.</p>