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Playing every IPL game with confidence, yet doubts about his ability to do the wicketkeeping duties: The Ricky Ponting

<p>Ricky Ponting, the head coach of the Delhi Capitals, said that Rishabh Pant has been putting in a lot of effort to be healthy since he is certain to participate in every IPL game this season. Pant was injured in a terrible vehicle accident on December 30, 2022, and missed the last season of the lucrative league.</p>
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<p>The team is uncertain, according to the former captain of Australia, if Pant will be handling wicketkeeping in the IPL in 2024.</p>
<p>“Rishabh is very certain that he will be ready to play. We’re not exactly sure in what capacity just yet. He’s active and doing well on social media, as you would have observed. That being said, the first game will be here in just six weeks. Therefore, we’re not sure whether we’ll be able to receive wicketkeeping from him this season,” Ponting said to the media.</p>
<p>The head coach of DC has hinted that Pant would return to lead the team this season. David Warner took up the lead while he was away and placed seventh overall.</p>
<p>“But I can assure you that if I ask him right now, he’ll respond, ‘I’m batting at No. 4, I’m playing every game, and I’m keeping every game.’” That’s just his demeanor, but we’ll cross our fingers. What a dynamic player he is. Clearly, he is our captain. After being announced as the head coach of the Washington Freedom for the second season of the Major League Cricket (MLC) tournament in the USA, Ponting told media in Melbourne, “We missed him incredibly last year.”</p>
<p>On a more pragmatic note, Ponting said that it would benefit the Capitals if Pant participates in as many IPL 2024 games as feasible.</p>
<p>“It was a horrifying experience, given the path he’s been on over the last 12–13 months. I’m sure he considers himself quite fortunate to have made it through, much less be able to play cricket once again.</p>
<p>“All we can do is cross our fingers and hope he can play outside. Whatever games you can get out of him will be a bonus, even if we can manage him through 10 of the 14 games or whatever that could be.</p>
<p>Ponting said that the Delhi team was insufficient under the circumstances at home as he continued to consider their underwhelming performance from the previous season.</p>
<p>Last year, we had poor batting performance. We thought that many of the players could manage the challenging circumstances in Delhi, where the wicket was often spinning, but we weren’t good enough there. To be honest, we have a few issues with our home venue. We show up for every game, but we never really know what kind of wicket we will receive.</p>
<p>It is difficult when you show up for five or seven games at an auction expecting to get a single surface type and instead receive five distinct pitches. However, we attempted to really improve on our batting quality this year since we felt like we were lacking it last year,” he said.</p>
<p>Ponting, meantime, is optimistic that the club will succeed this year thanks to the acquisition of fresh players.</p>
<p>We believe that a number of really gifted young Indian players that we have gone to the well with are prepared to play right immediately. The issue with the IPL is that you can’t really spend too much in these young guys and expect them to become better over night since there is only a year till the major auction. The greatest talent available that you believe is prepared to perform must be brought in. And this year, we’ve had a few of them,” Ponting said.</p>