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Prasad Nagarkar – Pioneering a New Era in Entrepreneurship with Social Impact & Fitness 

Prasad Nagarkar stands as a beacon of inspiration in the entrepreneurial landscape, embodying the fusion of tradition and modernity. A young and socially conscious Marathi entrepreneur, Prasad is not just a jewellery designer by profession but a fitness influencer with a profound commitment to social responsibility, environmental awareness, and animal welfare.


In the heart of Pune, Prasad is carving a unique niche in the jewellery business, where fitness takes center stage. Prasad’s approach to maintaining fitness through a vegetarian diet, devoid of steroids or supplements, serves as a testament to his holistic lifestyle. His Instagram account provides a glimpse into his fitness journey, where he emphasizes the importance of prioritizing both body and mind over mere financial gains.


Beyond the allure of precious stones, Prasad values the legacy of his forefathers, steering SS Nagarkar Jewellers into a grand three-storied establishment at Tulshibagh, Lakshmi Road and Thane. From a young age, Prasad’s trajectory veered from his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut to embracing the responsibilities of the family business after his uncle’s sudden demise. His innate ingenuity and skill revitalized the jewellery enterprise, introducing innovative products that found a global market.


In 2019, Prasad initiated the ‘Rajwada Lounge’ in Pune, seamlessly blending designer clothes with customized jewellery to offer patrons a regal experience. The showroom, an extension of Nagarkar Jewellers, redefines bridal wear and jewellery shopping, providing personalized options that cater to diverse preferences. Prasad’s creative prowess, innovation, and business acumen shine through, establishing him as a force in the industry.


Prasad’s commitment extends beyond business success; he actively participates in social causes through the Nagarkar Youth Foundation. Environmental conservation, assistance to Goshalas, and distributing essentials during festivals showcase his dedication to community welfare. Honored by various organizations, Prasad has received accolades such as the Best Designer Jewellery Award, Pride of India Award, and the International Youth Icon 2020 Award by Purnavad Yuva Forum.


Reflecting on societal contributions, Prasad underscores the need to work for the underprivileged. His future endeavors include spreading happiness among those in orphanages, old age homes, streets, and slums. Additionally, Prasad is working towards assisting cancer patients with their dialysis, embodying the spirit of compassion and responsibility.


In a world where entrepreneurship meets social consciousness, Prasad Nagarkar’s journey is a compelling narrative of success, responsibility, and a commitment to making a positive impact.