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Put Squash in Schools and Employ Professionals to Teach Indian Coaches: Ghosal Saurav

<p>The top squash player in India, Saurav Ghosal, has advocated for squash to be taught in schools in order to “create a huge ecosystem” and for foreign specialists to be brought in to teach Indian coaches.</p>
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<p>“Squash is a fantastic workout that can be completed in a short amount of time; schools should introduce it.” According to Ghosal, having squash in schools would be fantastic because it would include parents and students and develop a whole new ecosystem for the sport.</p>
<p>Ghosal, a 37-year-old who became the first player from his country to win a singles medal at the Commonwealth Games, said that India is highly competitive on the international scene and that the standard is greater now than it was when he first began.</p>
<p>“I have been playing squash for almost 25 years; the current level is much higher, and we compete fiercely on a global scale. At the Delhi Marathon product launching event, Ghosal said, “The next step is to conquer and dominate at a global level.”</p>
<p>“We should consider expanding the player population and raising player standards, among other things.</p>
<p>“We should bring in high-caliber coaches (from overseas) to help with higher performance so that Indian coaches can learn from them and we can make it sustainable.”</p>
<p>Ghosal appealed to his fellow Indians to continue playing squash after retirement, saying that the players he spent the previous many years playing with were the foundation of the country’s golden generation.</p>
<p>The seasoned athlete was ecstatic to see squash represented at the Olympics in Los Angeles.</p>
<p>Along with Dipika Pallikal, Joshna Chinappa is one of the icons of women’s squash in India, and she expressed her gratitude on being selected for the Padma Shri.</p>
<p>“I am honored that the national government has selected me for the Padma Shri. I believe it arrived at the perfect moment, and I’m thrilled that my efforts have been noticed,” she said.</p>
<p>Chinappa believed that the nation’s support for sports had grown in both the public and official domains.</p>
<p>“Athletes, badminton players, and wrestlers are among the participants… Athletes from other sports (apart from cricket) seem to get a lot of respect based on how they have become world champions and Olympic medalists.</p>
<p>Squash, according to her, has a bright future and has been “a big source” of gold for India in the previous 15 years at both the Asian and Commonwealth Games.</p>
<p>Squash in India has a strong basis because to players like Ghosal and Pallikal, according to Chinappa.</p>