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Sanjana Ganesan, the wife of Jasprit Bumrah, responds sharply to a social media troll after being body-shamed, and her response goes viral

<p>Before the team’s third Test match against England in Rajkot, India’s standout bowler Jasprit Bumrah took a little vacation to spend time with his family.</p>
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<p>With three games remaining, the series is tied at one. The squad captained by Ben Stokes won the first game of the series in Hyderabad, and Bumrah helped his team recover with a game-winning effort in Vizag.</p>
<p>Bumrah was declared the Player of the Match after taking nine wickets while seeming to be in excellent form.</p>
<p>During the lengthy intermission that between the second and third matches, many Indian players, including Bumrah, had time with their families.</p>
<p>He even shared a photo of himself and his spouse Sanjana Ganesan on social media, writing, “Happiness is here.”</p>
<p>Sanjana is a well-known sports anchor, to be sure. The couple had their first child recently.</p>
<p>On Monday, an Instagram user body-shamed Sanjana Ganesan in a promotional image with a Valentine’s Day theme. The user said, “Bhabhi moti lag rahi hai (You are looking fat).”</p>
<p>“Science textbooks in schools don’t always explain things clearly; for example, bodies might have auras that aren’t visible to the naked eye. How can you make remarks about women’s bodies when you can’t even recall school science textbooks? Bhaago yaha se. Sanjana Ganesan replied sharply, “Run away),” Everyone applauded the response.</p>
<p>After being hitched in March 2021, Bumrah and Ganesan welcomed a son into their family in September of last year.</p>
<p>“Our hearts are richer than we could have ever imagined as our little family has expanded! We welcomed Angad Jasprit Bumrah, our darling baby, into the world this morning. The star Indian pacer announced the birth of their son on Instagram, saying, “We are over the moon and can’t wait for everything this new chapter of our lives brings with it.”</p>
<p>In the first Test, Bumrah bowled superbly as well, capturing six wickets, but India was defeated.</p>
<p>The right-arm bowler collected three more wickets to bowl out the opposition for 292 after taking six wickets for 45 runs in the first innings of the second Test.</p>
<p>Bumrah was included in the roster published by the BCCI for the remainder of the series on Saturday, despite reports that he would be rested for a third time to manage his workload.</p>