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Shruti Haasan hopes that “Teach for Change” will spread over the whole country

<p>Actress Shruti Haasan, who commanded attention as the fashion show’s show stopper at the Teach for Change fundraiser, has praised Lakshmi Manchu for her unwavering efforts behind this admirable project, which she hopes will eventually spread throughout all of South India and the country.</p>
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<p>Fashion icons Amit GT for women’s clothing and Shashank Chelmilla for men’s wear participated in the ninth annual fundraiser for Teach for Change, which took place in Hyderabad on Sunday. Numerous stars walked the catwalk at this lavish event, which was well-known for fusing glitz with social effect. Shruti wore an Indo-western lehenga by Amit GT with a black hood as she sashayed down the catwalk during the fashion presentation.</p>
<p>“Lakshmi has been actively involved in Teach for Change’s distinctive efforts within government schools, and I’m excited to join in this year,” Shruti remarked of the event. It is crucial to guarantee that every kid obtains a top-notch education, and Teach for Change is making progress in Telangana. “I hope that this initiative spreads throughout South India and eventually the entire country.” Together, let’s all do our little part to make a big difference,” she said.</p>