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Speaking candidly, Aditya Dhar remarks that the vision for the Immortal Ashwatthama is “too grand for current Indian cinema.”

<p>Filmmaker Aditya Dhar recently revealed the rationale for The Immortal Ashwatthama, his highly awaited production, being shelved. The legendary superhero action film, which had Vicky Kaushal in the main role when it was first announced in 2020, encountered obstacles that prevented its production for the Indian film industry.</p>
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<p>At the trailer release for his most recent movie, Article 370, Dhar openedly discussed the difficulties the crew had in bringing The Immortal Ashwatthama to reality. He stressed the ambitious plans they had for the film and mentioned how it exceeded the state of Indian cinema at the moment, especially in terms of the quality of the visual effects.</p>
<p>“Right now, we have placed it on the back burner. To be honest, the idea we all had for it was too ambitious to be realized in Indian film. No one has even tried to achieve the type of VFX quality we were aiming for,” said Dhar.</p>
<p>He made comparisons to James Cameron’s Avatar, emphasizing how the director delayed bringing his vision to the screen until technology caught up. Dhar said he was determined to make the best movies possible, even if it meant holding off until the opportune moment when the required equipment would become more widely available.</p>
<p>“A film is created and then preserved for future generations. It can’t be just passable. It can’t be with the intention that all I want is money. It ought to aim for greatness. I firmly think that it is our duty as creators to appropriately represent our nation,” Dhar said.</p>
<p>The COVID-19 epidemic caused delays in the Immortal Ashwatthama’s manufacturing, which was originally scheduled to start in 2020. Even with initiatives to begin production in 2022, financial limitations persisted in impeding development.</p>
<p>Vicky Kaushal, who was supposed to play the lead part, acknowledged his dissatisfaction with the continuous postponements while stressing the value of holding off till the right moment to complete the movie.</p>
<p>“There’ll be a better opportunity to produce that movie. It is not only discouraging, but it also proves that a movie should always be done when it is most appropriate. Each time the movie surpasses me or anybody associated with it. Therefore, we need to decide when it makes sense to make that movie. Thus, we are waiting for that moment to arrive,” Kaushal said to the PTI news agency.</p>
<p>Even though The Immortal Ashwatthama is now on hold, Dhar and Kaushal are committed to providing a cinematic experience that goes above and beyond what is expected of it and really honors the epic story it seeks to tell. When the timing is appropriate, they have the ability to leave a lasting impression on Indian film because to their patient approach and dedication to perfection.</p>