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The FIH Pro League, according to Araijeet Singh Hundal, “has been a surreal experience.”

<p>Playing for the senior Indian men’s squad in the FIH Pro League was an unusual experience for young striker Araijeet Singh Hundal, who added confidence to his game with his goal against the Netherlands in the shootout.</p>
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<p>Even though India lost the Wednesday tie 2-4 against the World No. 1 team, the 20-year-old Araijeet learned a lot.</p>
<p>It’s been an odd experience. Araijeet said in a Hockey India (HI) statement that “playing against elite teams like the Netherlands and Australia, getting support from seniors and the coach, is genuinely enjoyable, and it has also been a valuable learning experience for me.”</p>
<p>India defeated Spain 4-1 to start their campaign in Bhubaneswar, and then they defeated the Netherlands 2-2 (4-2) in a dramatic shootout.</p>
<p>India subsequently suffered a 4-6 loss to Australia, but recovered to win 1-0 against Ireland to close up the Bhubaneswar leg on a positive note.</p>
<p>Carrying on their momentum from the Bhubaneswar leg, India defeated Spain in a tightly fought match with a score of 2-2 (8-7) in shootout.</p>
<p>In another thrilling match, India trailed 0-1 against the Netherlands at halftime but rallied to tie the score and force a shootout, which they ultimately lost 2-4.</p>
<p>India’s Lalit Kumar Upadhyay and Araijeet were on target in the shootout loss to the Netherlands.</p>
<p>The young person from Punjab said, “They advised me to play freely, maintain an open mindset, and avoid putting unnecessary pressure on myself.”</p>
<p>“I want to express my gratitude to the coach for giving me the chance to attempt the shot. Additionally, I want to thank my seniors for supporting me before to taking the stage. It eased some of my anxiety.</p>
<p>“I am happy that I hit the target because it gave me more confidence in my ability to play.”</p>
<p>Australia will face India on Saturday.</p>