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The first thing Robert De Niro thought of Leonardo DiCaprio

<p>From their first meeting, seasoned actor Robert De Niro saw that Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio was unique. The actors first connected during DiCaprio’s 1993 drama This Boy’s Life, which costarred De Niro. The 1996 drama Marvin’s Room and the 2023 western crime film Killers of the Flower Moon were the next projects the 80-year-old actor and DiCaprio collaborated on together.</p>
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<p>Regarding their roles in Killers of the Flower Moon, DiCaprio recently stated: “I had an aggressive stepfather in De Niro while I worked on the movie This Boy’s Life. It was, thus, this completely accidental, full circle, perhaps like connection. Thirty years later, it seemed like I was stepping into the same or a similar persona, just more mature.</p>