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“There’s Nothing to It,” Selvaraghavan said. Regarding Writing Raayan’s Script

<p>Since the news of his impending 50th film, Raayan, which he is also directing and starring in, Tamil actor Dhanush has been generating a lot of enthusiasm. In the middle of the excitement, rumors have surfaced about the screenplay. They state that Dhanush’s brother Selvaraghavan, a well-known filmmaker who has directed blockbusters like Mayakkan Yenna in the past, contributed to the script for Raayan. Selvaraghavan has since responded to these rumors, however.</p>
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<p>Selvaraghavan, who is renowned for helming beloved films like as Pudhupettai and Ayirathil Oruvan, has made it clear that he was not involved in penning the screenplay for Raayan. His comment on the microblogging platform X, which was once known as Twitter, read as follows: “Friends, you may have heard that I wrote the screenplay for D50 Raayan. To be clear, I am unrelated to Raayan’s script or the writing process. It is entirely Dhanush’s fantasy storyline, which he has now turned into his movie. In this endeavor, all I do is act.</p>
<p>In a subsequent tweet, he conveyed his enthusiasm for the impending production, expressing his eagerness to see Raayan in theaters and his pleasure in Dhanush’s commitment and hard work.</p>
<p>After releasing his first film, Pa Paandi, in 2017, Dhanush embarked on his second endeavor as a filmmaker with Raayan, his 50th production overall. In addition to Dhanush’s brother Selvaraghavan, the film stars Sundeep Kishan and Kalidas Jayaram in significant parts. It also has an intriguing ensemble cast. In order to generate suspense, the filmmakers released the first image of Dhanush’s character, who has a thick mustache, short hair, and an apron covered with blood. The film is billed as a vengeance drama. Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi are among the languages in which the movie is scheduled for release.</p>
<p>Dhanush recently starred in Captain Miller, a movie that garnered conflicting reviews from critics and viewers, in addition to Raayan.</p>