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TN Budget 2024: Rs 26 crore for working women’s dormitories in Thozhi

<p>The finance minister said during the budget that the government was renaming the directorate of social defense as the “Department of Children Welfare and Special Services.”</p>
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<p>Additionally, a budget of Rs 26 crore has been set aside this year to build “Thozhi” dormitories for working women in key cities including Madurai, Coimbatore, and Chennai, which would house 345 women. For the Social Welfare and Women Empowerment Department, a sum of Rs 7,830 crore has been set aside.</p>
<p>The minister stated that the government has chosen to carry out the required reforms in compliance with the recommendations made by the one-man committee led by former Justice K Chandru, which offered detailed ideas for the effective management and operation of government observation homes, special homes, and places of safety.</p>
<p>The minister also said that the department would work to improve its human resources and that new positions, such as Chief Protection Officer, will be established.</p>
<p>According to him, the first phase would see the construction of a model house in Coimbatore named “Poonjolai,” complete with a skill training center, counseling rooms, library, family rooms, visiting rooms, medical examination rooms, parks, and kid-friendly playgrounds.</p>
<p>In its report, the committee suggested splitting the Directorate of Social Defence, establishing a minimum of one home per district for children who are in legal trouble, and making sure the homes had enough space for recreational activities for the kids living there. The new department would be named the Department of Special Services.</p>