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“Varanasi District Administration: Pioneering Progress with Record-Breaking Initiatives” – Certified by Elite World Records and India Records Academy

Varanasi, February 20, 2024: The Varanasi District Administration, under the Government of Uttar Pradesh, has made significant strides by securing three world records certified by the Elite World Records and India Records Academy. These records are for achieving the highest number of participants in a Voter Awareness Quiz Contest at Multiple Locations, facilitating the maximum number of participants in Donating and Exchanging Books at a Single Venue, and orchestrating the largest Quiz Competition in terms of participants across Multiple Venues. These remarkable feats were accomplished on January 29, 2024, and February 14, 2024, respectively, as part of the “KASHI Matadata Jagrukta 2024” initiative, which aimed to promote awareness about voting in elections and foster knowledge through the “Kashi Sansad Gyan Pratiyogita”. The events were synchronized across all educational institutions within the Varanasi District’s geographical boundaries, securing their well-deserved places in the record books.


Kaushal Raj Sharma, Commissioner of Varanasi Division, lauded the Varanasi District Administration for orchestrating an exceptional quiz contest, underscoring its significance in honouring India’s dedication to educating citizens on crucial matters and fostering active engagement in democratic processes. Sharma expressed appreciation towards all participants for their contributions, which led to the groundbreaking achievement of the “Maximum Participants in a Voter Awareness Quiz Contest at Multiple Locations,” involving 158932 individuals across 856 locations. This event, named “KASHI Matadata Jagrukta 2024,” was specifically designed to enhance awareness regarding the importance of voting in elections, reflecting the district’s commitment to civic participation and democratic values, he further added.

S. Rajalingam, the District Magistrate of Varanasi, emphasized the significance of acquainting the young generation with the cultural heritage of the city. He underscored that understanding this heritage is crucial for the youth, who represent the future pillars of our country. These events, he highlighted, are conducted to fulfil the vision of our Prime Minister, recognizing the importance of preserving and promoting India’s diverse cultural legacy. Through initiatives like the “Kashi Sansad Gyan Pratiyogita,” the district administration aims to instil a sense of pride and knowledge in the youth about their cultural roots, empowering them to contribute meaningfully to the nation’s progress and development. He further said, I congratulate the 189551 participants across 902 venues and the winners for being a part of this historical event.


Himanush Nagpal, Varanasi’s Chief Development Officer, lauded the district administration team for record-breaking mega events, including one where the highest number of participants engaged in book donations and exchanges within 4 hours. Stressing the importance of reading for personal and intellectual growth, Nagpal highlighted its role in enhancing cognitive abilities and critical thinking skills. The event aimed to foster a culture of reading among youth, promoting books as invaluable assets. Nagpal commended the 1703 participants who donated and exchanged 6760 books, advancing the cause of literacy and instilling a love for reading in Varanasi’s youth.



Dr. Satyasri Kedarisetty, Ambassador and Senior Adjudicator of Elite World Records, extended her heartfelt congratulations to the Varanasi District Administration on their remarkable achievements. The visionary events, dedicated to promoting voter awareness, fostering reading habits, and celebrating cultural heritage, serve as a commendable example for communities nationwide. These initiatives not only demonstrate a commitment to education and civic engagement but also underscore the importance of preserving our cultural legacies. The efforts of the Varanasi District Administration are truly inspiring and will undoubtedly motivate others to strive for excellence in serving our communities and shaping a brighter future. Well done, she further appreciated.


Padarthy Vinod Kumar, the Records Manager of the India Records Academy, affirmed that these record-breaking events were meticulously conducted under the academy’s rigorous supervision. He ensured adherence to all rules and regulations, validating the results with pride and certifying them as world records.


Deepak Madhok, Chairman-Sunbeam Group of Educational Institutions, pointed out that the achievement of this world record is a proud moment for Varanasi District Administration, Government of Uttar Pradesh, and India as a whole. It highlights the country’s efforts to promote knowledge and education among its citizens and sets an example for others to follow, he further stated.


Amrita Burman, Deputy Director-Sunbeam Group, expressed her heartfelt appreciation to the Varanasi District Administration for organizing this unique event that helped inculcate a sense of global citizenship among the participants. She further added that such initiatives are instrumental in shaping the future generation and building a better tomorrow.


All these events received overwhelming support and positive feedback from the public, with many lauding the district administration’s initiative and congratulating the participants on their achievement. The District Administration appreciated the efforts of Sunbeam Group of Educational Institutions for their support and coordination for the successful accomplishment of the world record. This event has not only broken a world record, but it has also fostered a sense of pride and enthusiasm among the citizens of Varanasi and beyond.