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When KGF celebrity Yash buys chocolates for his kid, the photos go viral

<p>Social media users have been circulating images of KGF Chapter 1 and 2 celebrity Yash, often referred to as Rocky Bhai, buying sweets for his daughter at a roadside stand.</p>
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<p>His admirers are praising him for being grounded and not letting fame get to him, and they are enjoying the super star’s simplicity.</p>
<p>While working on the pre-production stages of his next pan-Indian project, “Toxic,” Yash and his wife, well-known actress Radhika Pandit, and daughter Ayra, paid a visit to the renowned Chitrapur Mutt in Shirali, close to Bhatkal in the Uttara Kannada region.</p>
<p>Superstar Yash is seen in the pictures buying toffee in front of a little store. Radhika Pandit, his actress wife, may be spotted admiring her famous husband while perched on a regular seat next to the store.</p>
<p>As soon as word got out about Yash’s visit to the mutt, his admirers quickly congregated on the property and in the neighboring neighborhoods. The crowd was under police supervision, and Yash obliged the fans’ demands for selfies and pictures by waving at them.</p>
<p>Yash comes from a lowly family. He began his career in serials and then rose to fame in the Kannada cinema industry. He drove buses with his father. Through perseverance, diligence, and foresight, he has established himself as a pan-Indian sensation. The nation is excitedly anticipating the premiere of his next film, “Toxic,” which is helmed by Geethu Mohandas.</p>