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As Rohit and Co. win the series 3-1 in Ranchi, India’s home supremacy is maintained

<p>RANCHI: It seemed as if Rahul Dravid was reluctant to part with Shubman Gill. The current No. 3 was given a strong hug by the head coach of India and previous No. 3 in the country.</p>
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<p>It seems sense that emotions were running high. And why not? India has recovered to win not just the Ranchi Test but also the five-match series against England with a 3-1 lead, less than 48 hours after seeming to be on the verge of collapse.</p>
<p>As Dravid embraced Gill and subsequently Dhruv Jurel, it was difficult to avoid drawing comparisons to Adelaide’s triumph in 2003. With five wickets remaining and India needing 72 runs to win, the current No. 3 entered the field in a precarious position while wearing a cap and seeing Sarfaraz Khan, Rajat Patidar, Rohit Sharma, and Ravindra Jadeja go out. It was a difficult pitch to bat on, and anything might happen in the blink of an eye.</p>
<p>Jurel and Gill played without fear, working singles and keeping the scoreboard in motion. The No. 3 hitter gave the squad the stability they needed, despite the sporadic appeals and reviews. In context, India needed only twenty runs when Gill hit his maiden boundary off the 120th ball he faced. After that, it was only a question of time till the youthful hitters added an undefeated partnership of 72 to send India home. Everyone will remember the joy they exuded during the last two runs, raising their hands and giving each other high fives while Gill was wearing a hat. It will also be fondly remembered by those who saw the historic Adelaide 2003 victory.</p>
<p>Indian hitters Dhruv Jurel and Shubman Gill celebrate after their team’s victory in the fourth Test match against England in Ranchi.<br />
Indian hitters Dhruv Jurel and Shubman Gill celebrate after their team’s victory in the fourth Test match against England in Ranchi.Image | PTI<br />
It was only natural, in many ways, that Gill (52 n.o.) and Jurel (39 n.o.) were the ones to save India and win the series by a margin of five wickets. India’s transformation has been the subject of this series. And Ranchi’s bench strength is shown by their ability to come back from a significant first-inning deficit on day two to win the game in the afternoon on day four. After the game, Rohit would declare, “Some of these players are going to play for India regularly in this format in the next five years.”</p>
<p>This series provides evidence, among other things, of India’s abilities in home Test matches and the reason they are still the side to beat.</p>